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Competition Dates 2024

1st Quarterly       Feb 14th              Hand in Jan 31st

Creative              March 20th           Hand in March 6th

2nd Quarterly      April 24th             Hand in April 10th

Themed               May 22nd            Hand in May 8th

3rd Quarterly      June 12th             Hand in May 29th

Monochrome      Sept 25th              Hand in Sept 11th

Annual                Oct 30th                Hand in Oct 16th

4th Quarterly      Nov 27th               Hand in Nov 13th

Alphabet Challenge Nov 13th.        Hand in Oct 30th

Note: All competitions for 2024 are:

a) “Open” i.e. any subject.

b) In two sections: Prints (colour or monochrome)                                                  PDIs   (colour or monochrome)


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