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​Visit to Gunby Hall, 15th June 2023












In preparation for the Society’s 2023 exhibition at Gunby Hall in conjunction with the National Trust, over half the membership visited the hall on the 15th June. The weather was absolutely perfect and warm so obviously the group tried to keep well hydrated! However, the bright sunshine did cause problems with harsh shadows. For newer members and for those with less experience help was always on hand from the more experienced members of the Society.

There was plenty for the group to photograph from the interior of the historic building to its facade, the formal gardens and parkland. There was a large variety of insect life and plants to photograph as well as the many visitors and staff who work there.

Many members will probably convert their pictures to monochrome to provide a different.

Members took advantage of visiting the Orchard Gallery where the Society’s exhibition will be held in September. There was an exhibition in the gallery which gave members some idea of what our exhibition might look like.
















Judging from the comments on the Society members ‘WhatsApp’ group, all had a good and enjoyable time, getting many excellent pictures for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open daily from the 8th September whilst the property is open to the public and runs for a month.

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