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NELPS Exhibition 2022


Below is information about the Society’s exhibition at the Fishing Heritage Centre this year. It contains dates and details about the sizing, mounting, etc. of your prints. I am hoping that all members will be able to put at least a couple of prints into the exhibition if not more and make it truly representative of the Society. We should be able to hang about 40 prints in total. For those of you who do not do prints, we have made special arrangements to have your chosen  images printed for the exhibition.

The exhibition goes up on Monday 27th June and is on for 6 weeks until Monday 8th August. Whilst the Heritage Centre is closed on Mondays, we will be given access on both days from about 10.00am. I estimate it should take about 3 to 4 hours to put the exhibition up and two hours at the most to take it down. I would appreciate the help of members to help put the exhibition up and take it down.

The actual prints can be of any size but must be mounted on card that is 50cm x 40cm and in a landscape format if possible, this is so that they will fit the frames. They can be in both colour and monochrome and there is no set subject although we must be aware that the exhibition is in the café area, open to the general public and children! Photographs of local topics might go down well but we do want a variety of subjects.

Please write your name and title on the back of the print, you may submit up to 5 prints, but please put the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the back of your prints. My aim is to hang all prints with a number 1 and 2 on the back and then if space is still available, I will use your number 3s, then 4s and finally 5s until we have filled the exhibition. Prints can be sold and all sales are handled by the Centre’s staff, however, they are subject to 30% commission, if you do not wish to sell your prints please again write on the back ‘Not for sale’.

As mentioned above, I appreciate that not all members do prints or have the facility to print or do their own mounting, this is not a problem, we will get it done for you! Please give you images to Scott Hall in large jpeg file formats (12) on a memory stick by Wednesday 30th March. There will be a small charge for this to cover the cost of professional printing. Scott will also want to know what size you want your prints to be. I suggest no smaller than A4 (29.8 x 21 cm). Your files should also be in sRGB colour format with a resolution of 300 dpi.


Your pictures will be returned to the club on or before the 13th April when we have set aside an evening for mounting and possibly framing. I hope this caters for everyone’s requirements.


For those of you making your own prints, this is also the closing date for handing in your work.


It is possible the Centre might ask for some of your images to be used for advertising purposes, I hope your approval will be forthcoming.


I hope you will be able to support the Society in this venture and make 2022 a year to remember. There is an impressive amount going on at NELPS with exhibitions and top quality speakers, it really is a year not to be missed!


It would also be great if our Honorary Members would send us some images for inclusion in the exhibition.

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