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North East Lincolnshire Photographic Society


Adapted from the Policy of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association

The North East Lincolnshire Photographic Society (NELPS) is established with the objects set out in its Constitution, to serve the interests of its Members and as such is a data controller within the UK. All personal data and information collected is held securely and, except where detailed below, is for Committee use only for Membership purposes and for the effective management of the lawful and legitimate interests of NELPS.


It may be used to communicate with Members by email or post in connection with Membership and for online publicity. Personal data/information collected will not be issued to any other data controller for use in electronic marketing or the issue of marketing material, which includes the offer of services addressed specifically to any Member. There is no prohibition of general advertising, or material not directed to an individual e.g. a poster or the issue of leaflets at a Club meeting or event. General business records will normally be held for a minimum of eight years. NELPS may retain historical archives, for example, which may include records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, publications, awards, images and other event results.

The personal data and information referred to in this Policy includes: - names, distinctions, contact details and general membership records. Records of entries to Competitions, digital images and other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of NELPS. NELPS collects and uses personal data and information for effective management purposes. NELPS predominantly communicates with members via e-mail and will provide information in print if appropriate and when requested by a member within the terms of this policy. Information is on the website and from time to time images and AVs from competitions are placed there.

The NELPS Website: - The NELPS website contains information about the Society with a contact address, members’ images with names, competition entries and various other pieces of useful information.

The Right of Subject Data/Information Access: - The Right of Rectification: Personal data held by NELPS as data controllers is to our knowledge accurate. There may be circumstances where the accuracy is genuinely disputed and published or printed archives, that may have been correct at the time of record, are no longer so. Members are entitled to access all personally identifiable data/information held by NELPS as data controller. The member does not have to give a reason for the request and can also request that personally identifiable data/information is erased. To make a request under these rights, the member can contact the delegated member of NELPS Committee. (i.e. The President).

Review: NELPS Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) principles and their application will be kept under review at least every 12 months and Members will be notified immediately of any breaches or changes.

Copies of this policy will be included in the NELPS Constitution Handbook given to all members on joining the Society and on the Society’s website. 

Approved 18/08/2021         Reviewed 26/09/2022

                                            Reviewed 25/09/2023

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