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North East Lincolnshire Photographic Society.


Model Release Form

I _____________________________ in the presence of my parent / guardian, agree to my photograph being taken by members of the above named Society on the 12th January 2022.

1) The copyright of the photograph will remain with the photographer.

2) I understand the photographs may be used by the members of the Society for Club and inter club competitions, Exhibitions, Lectures or Talks and on the Society’s website.

3) I also understand that some of the photographs will be digitally edited.

4) The Society may also use the photographs for its own advertising purposes only.

5) In return, the members of the Society will agree not to alter my physical appearance in any way, shape or form. Or sell any photographs containing my image, taken today, without the permission, in writing, of myself and my parent / guardian.

6) The proceeds of any such agreed sales will be divided equally between myself and the photographer.

7) The photographs will not be used on ‘social media’ other than outlined above in paragraph 2.



Model_________________________        Photographers





Parent / Guardian______________

Address if different from Above



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