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Table Top Night – February 2022



                                                                                                       NELPS held their second practical evening of                                                                                                              the year on the 2nd of February when 11                                                                                                                    members and a guest arrived for a session of                                                                                                            table top, close and macro photography.

                                                                                                       A number of scenarios were set up the by the                                                                                                           President and members worked their way                                                                                                                  around adapting the scenarios to suit their own                                                                                                        individual needs.


                                                                                                      In addition, Scott Hall brought along his light box                                                                                                       that was used by members and Malcolm Brown                                                                                                         set up a demonstration of photo stacking at the other end of the room. Several members took advantage of these two additional elements and all went
home with their own focus stacked image.

Members were able to show each other their

images and talk about techniques as well as discuss
further ideas for this type of work.

The opportunity to share ideas was much enjoyed

by all those who took part and several of our
newer members added that they had learnt a great

deal about photographic techniques during the

course of the evening.

A further session has been arranged for the Spring

when those members present will be able to show

their work.


                                                                                                  Once again refreshments were provided for the                                                                                                         members during the course of the evening.


                                                                                                  Everyone agreed that it had been a most enjoyable                                                                                                   evening and thanked the organisers for their                                                                                                             contributions.

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